Tom Rhodes: Around The World

This album is truly unique and very special. Not only is it a fantastic collection of live comedy, but it’s also a demonstration of the fact that humor has the ability to connect us all. Tom has been traveling the world for decades: as the host of a travel show for Dutch TV, as a lover of people and culture, and as a collector of stories. On this record, Tom Rhodes weaves together jokes and stories of his life, loves, and the many friends made along the way.

For the last several years, he’s been taking his stand up to clubs in places you might not immediately associate with stand up comedy. While entertaining audiences in Oslo, Berlin, Vancouver, Hanoi, and Ulaanbaatar, he brought charm, humor, and merriment... Thankfully, he also made it a point to bring a decent digital audio recorder on his many travels. Tom has gotten pretty handy with a portable recorder, and managed to capture many fantastic-sounding nights of laughter. That said… sonically, they weren’t all pristine… which is why he called me.

This project is the first comedy album that I’ve worked on without being the original recordist... From August 2018 through January 2019, Tom sent me dozens of recordings over the web, and I spent hours going through these audio files to clean up the audio so that the overall project sounded like a cohesive single project. With recordings being brought in from clubs of different sizes, all with unique sonic characteristics, it was a fantastic challenge for me, and thank the maker! — I had the right tools for this type of job. Actually, I would specifically like to thank the makers of the tools I used to clean up & process these audio recordings: iZotope / Rupert Neve Designs / i3 Audio / Universal Audio. Because of the hardware and software made by those teams, I was able to take a bunch of vastly different-sounding recordings, and spin them into an album that flows really smoothly from track-to-track, city-to-city.

I’m really proud of Tom’s achievement in completing this huge milestone in his career, and I’m honored to have been a big part of getting this material out to the world.

Click the following links to check it out: iTunes / Google Play / Amazon Music or visit Tom’s Homepage to learn more.