Alex dingley sound recording

Philadelphia-area audio engineer, producer, musician, consultant, and all-around good guy to involve in your creative projects.


Live Comedy Recordings

Stand-up comedy albums can be really intimate snapshots of the energy in a room during a special moment between the performer and the crowd. To ensure that you capture the vibe & magic of a live show, you should trust your project to someone with a long track-record of quality productions.


Music Production

I can record, edit, mix, and master your next music project so that it doesn’t sound like someone made it in their basement.

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Studio Consulting / Wiring


For someone who’s not a full-time studio designer… I’ve wired up, assembled, and maintained a whole lot of recording spaces. It’s actually one of my favorite kinds of projects. There’s nothing like bringing a bunch of gear together and getting it all working just the way an artist / engineer needs it to. I’ve helped everyone from garage-bands, to grammy-award-winning artists to properly configure their systems, and I’ve provided training on recording software, best-practices for recording, and proper file management for long-term recording success. If you’re planning to set up a new space for making music, or if you want to take your existing setup to new heights, let’s talk.