Location Recording

The Laramie Project

Recording a small chamber orchestra for Springside Chestnut Hill Academy’s production of The Laramie Project meant capturing the intimate sound of this small group, and giving it a proper mix that would help draw out the emotion when played back in the school auditorium.

Recording in the controlled environment of a recording studio can be a wonderful experience — but sometimes the artists’ needs call for the studio to come to them. In that event, it’s really important to work with someone who’s got professional tools that are battle-tested and ready for anything… anywhere. That’s the best way to ensure your final product sounds exactly the way you’d want it to.

The needs for location recording aren’t limited to music & performance — I’ve also gone out to record corporate events, instructional materials, and even sound for video/film productions.

If you’ve got an interesting on-location recording project, and want to have it captured without compromises, let’s talk about it on a quick location-recording consultation call.


Album Production

Below are a few recent examples of music productions that I’ve engineered. I’ve worked on records from all genres, and for groups of all sizes. If you’re looking for someone to help make your next record stand out, the first step is to book a quick (and free) recording consultation call. In a brief discussion of your goals & needs, we can set up a plan to make sure that your project not only sounds exactly as you’d hope, but also stays on-schedule and in-budget.

The Deep Cuts

The first record produced entirely in my new home studio, a 6-song EP from my own original band, The Deep Cuts, was finished in mid-2018. This was a little bit of a turn for the band, as we delved into more of a prog-rock inspired vibe on certain tunes.

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Marie Begins

Though not technically an album, yet, Marie Begins has been a very interesting music project. This interactive production is built for the web, involving multiple choose-your-own-adventure options, so we tracked the band at and then cut several sets of vocals, for different story-line scenarios throughout the production.


Great Big House

When the jam-band Great Big House decided to put together their full-length original album — Forty Stories High, I brought them to Forge Recording for the initial tracking dates, and we finished / mixed / mastered the record in my home studio. My relationships with local studios make it easy to complete a record for a band of any size & shape.

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Restoration / Audio Clean-Up


Perhaps you have some old vinyl albums that you have no way to play anymore, and perhaps they’ve never got released in a digital format… or maybe you have a video project that needs the audio made a little (or a lot) more intelligible. Either of these situations, and many others are projects I can easily help with.

Lots of software applications promise to “quickly restore sound quality”, but to really achieve ideal results, you need someone with years of experience to direct that process. I have tools within the computer, and outside of the software realm that are specifically designed to improve audio quality and clean-up problematic sound.

As with most services I provide, the first step is to quickly chat about your project needs and goals, click below to book a consultation.