Michael Brooks: Watch This

When I got the call from the team at Wasted Robot Records, to do an album for comedian, Michael Brooks… I was faced with an exciting new challenge: my first comedy recording at Philadephia’s, Grape Street Pub. It’s a great, but very small, club without much room to keep recording gear out of the way of the audience & performer. Still, we managed to make a great recording with a fantastic performer and a really energetic crowd.

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Alex came highly recommended, and it didn’t take long to see why. From our initial conversations, to developing a timeline for our project, to coming up with contingency plans for the night of the recording, it was clear that Alex was just as invested in our success as we were. Knowing we had someone with his strong track record and committment gave us confidence that, frankly, we wouldn’t have had otherwise. Alex is the epitome of a professional.
— Sean Mulholland, Wasted Robot Records