First meeting with Matt from WCA Podcast

Last night, I had a brief, but nice, chat via video conference with Matt Boudreau from Working Class Audio — I joined in supporting his work via Patreon, and got to have a one-on-one discussion — which was really cool. We talked a little about the kind of work I’m doing, what I’d like to do more of, and a bit about how to approach some of the business of recording, even if it’s not something I am trying to make into a full-time career.

It’s really exciting to have some input, additional perspective, and perhaps even guidance from someone like Matt — I’ve been listening to his podcast for a couple of years, and I love hearing his interviews with folks from all different backgrounds, and their stories of getting started / their struggles and successes.

I wasn’t sure the format that this call would take, but it went really easily — I introduced myself a bit, showed off a quick glimpse of my home studio, and had a quick guest appearance from our cat, Greppy. Matt asked some really good questions, as we discussed what I’d want to be doing more of, and when I suggested that I’d like to be doing some album production, and more frequently going out to record stand-up comedy albums… he asked: “What’s the biggest obstacle to that goal?”… As simple as that question sounds, I was rather dumbstruck, and didn’t quite know how to answer. It gave me a lot to think about, and the conversation really influenced my decision to revamp this website and to do a little more work toward finding new artists to work with.

I love the career path that I’m on with my work in the software industry — in fact, the last ~7yrs at Workzone have been a fantastic part of my life… and I can’t imagine wanting to leave that, but I know that I’ll be even happier if I can more-consistently (even if only occasionally) be making great recordings for and with interesting people. I’ll be catching up with Matt again in about a month, and I’m really excited to continue this journey.

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