If you're hoping to be recorded by someone who's going to take care to capture every detail exactly as you'd want it recorded, then we should talk.  I provide in-studio & location recording services, as well as audio transfers & restoration of vinyl albums.  All work is done using top-quality devices that offer unparalleled clarity.

I've been recording sound for musicians, comedians, and films for nearly 20 years, and every project taught me something that I'll bring forward to your project.  

My ability to work on-location, with local commercial studios, or from my private studio gives me the flexibility to work on projects of nearly all sizes and budgets.

If you've got vinyl albums that can't be found in the digital realm, but you'd like to have them converted to CD or a digital audio format, I can provide exceptional transfer quality when converting those old recordings.  Often, an aging record has been mis-handled and requires some significant clean-up before it's really ready for enjoyment in our modern devices.  I have the tools to properly clean, transfer, and restore the sound of vintage audio formats so that they can be listened to on any modern playback system.